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Reimbursement rates for July 2023 - June 2024


Tier 1                                                                      Tier 2


Breakfast  $1.65                                                  Breakfast $.59

Lunch/supper  $3.12                                         Lunch/supper $1.88

Snack  $.93                                                           Snack $.25

Maximum $7.05 per child daily                    Maximum $4.01 per child daily



Tier status is determined on an individual basis by Nutrition Plus, Inc.    All available options are offered to each home daycare in order to attempt to determine tier 1 eligibility.  These include:  Elementary School Boundary, Provider income eligibility, Family income eligibility, Census tract and Census averaging.  Providers who meet income eligibility guidelines may qualify for reimbursement for their own children's meals/snacks when daycare children are also served.


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